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$6.00 - $15.00

On their new release effloresce, the Bay Area trio effortlessly blend instrumental math-rock with elements of post-rock and post-metal, juxtaposing delicate melodies with propulsive rhythms and captivating energy. There’s an inescapable push and pull to the collection, both as a whole and in its individual pieces. It’s a facet of their sound the group rarely explored on their debut EP, 2015’s Currents, but one they’ve harnessed to its maximum potential here. effloresce comes out on July 13th on Triple Crown Records

-Comes with Instant Download of "shibuya"
-Hear "shibuya" on Spotify or on Apple Music
-Includes download card in vinyl and immediate digital download upon release date
-No cancellations, refunds, or exchanges will be accepted

Track Listing:
shibuya (ft san holo)
sea dragon ( ft mario camarena)

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First Press:
200 – 180 Gram Black (Pre-Order Exclusive)
800 – Red

Second Press:
500 - Red w/ Gold Splatter